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Key City Public Theatre (Port Townsend, WA) - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin
TeaterLab (New York, NY) - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin
CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF ANOREXIA AND BULIMIA (New York, NYC) - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin

"I studied every inch of my skin before beginning my attack: Body! Why don’t I recognize you? Why is everything changing?"

Visceral and uncensored, skinny crazy small is my original one woman play which chronicles a quirky and strong-willed girl’s eight year battle with anorexia nervosa. skinny crazy small begins a much need cultural dialogue about eating disorders. The production transports audience members to anorexia’s front lines and seeks to provide hope and support to individuals suffering from eating disorders. skinny crazy small is ready to provoke discussion and challenge stigmas.

"As an eating disorder awareness advocate, I can attest to the importance of skinny crazy small. Sylvie Mae Baldwin offers audience members the rare opportunity to join in one girl’s experience of anorexia nervosa."

Tiffany Hammer, The Emily Program

The Emily Project (Seattle, WA) - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin

"skinny crazy small is a groundbreaking work on a much needed topic which I am looking forward to have grace the Key City Public Theatre stage."

Denise Winter, Artistic Director

PlayFest 19 at Key City Public Theater (Port Townsend, WA) - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin

"I am a middle school teacher and I hope that my students will have the opportunity to see this play. Baldwin’s story will reassure them that they are not alone in their struggles - whether these challenges are related to eating, sexuality, family life, or academics." 

Jenny Estill, Lakeside School

Taproot Theatre (Seattle, WA) - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin

Serving as playwright and performer, I began writing and workshopping skinny crazy small in 2012. I wanted to bring voice to an anorexia narrative that is both personal and woefully underrepresented in mainstream media's portrayal of eating disorders.

"Stereotypes about anorexia and eating disorders are everywhere. We are led to believe that anorexics are all dieting, teenage girls with low self-esteem and a desire to conform to unattainable standards of beauty. These assumptions can be very alienating. The year I was diagnosed with anorexia, I had just turned eleven, I unequivocally loved myself, and had never dreamed of being on a diet. I feared that if the outside world learned of my eating disorder I would be seen as someone other than who I truly was. Even as my family guided me through recovery I remained silent about my struggles. I did not want to be sick. I returned to a healthy weight, but by keeping my emotions and thoughts hidden I allowed my anorexia to fester for years. Seven years after my initial diagnosis, I relapsed. I cannot count the number of times I have thought to myself: Had I only known that other normal, passionate, creative, smart girls and boys suffer from anorexia, I would have been able to make a full recovery from the disease once and for all.”


In 2016 skinny crazy small was recorded live at Brooklyn Fireproof Stages. If you are interested in access to a full archival recording, please reach via the contact form located at the top of this page.

" The Introduction"

" The Muffin"

" Diary"



Episode 59: Actress Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Talks Eating Disorders

SPECIAL THANKS to the great number of people who helped make this project a reality:

Ben Gunderson, Benji Kenworthy, Carl Chew, Chris Cornelius, Denise Winter, Fay Simpson, Jenny Estill, Karmen Paley, Laura Ferri, Laura-Mae Baldwin, Mara Lathrop, Marie Higinbotham, Roisin Slevin, Tatianna Noelle, The Theiderman Family and Zoe & Gordon Smith

Funding for SKINNY CRAZY SMALL was facilitated by:

Indiegogo - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Brown Paper Tickets - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Fractured Atlas - Skinny Crazy Small by Sylvie Mae Baldwin
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