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Sylvie Baldwin and Emerson Mae Chan Private Acting Coaching for Child Actors

A s a teacher, I love working one-on-one with students to accomplish a set goal or strengthen a set of skills. No coaching process looks the same, because no two students are the same. This said, most families I work with have sought me out because of my specialties in coaching:

BFA & MFA Applicants

Differently Abled & Neurodivergent Actors

Professional Youth Actors (Film/TV & Theatre)

Big Mouth Talent Private Acting Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin for Child Actors


Signed with an agent!

Milan is now represented by Big Mouth Talent in Chicago, IL.

Stage Coach Players (DeKalb IL) Private Acting Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin


Booked a theatre role!

Kairin will be performing in the Stagecoach Players' production of A Christmas Story.

Paramount Theatre (Aurora IL) Private Acting Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin


Booked a theatre role!

Emmy booked her first professional theatre role at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL. 


I believe in helping you cultivate your unique talent and share it with the world. Your artistic voice makes the world a better place.


I believe great artists are also great humans, great thinkers, and great global citizens.


I believe that acting and auditioning should be fun. After all, it's just playing pretend!


I believe in supporting and uplifting diverse voices. I am specially trained in helping differently abled individuals audition and perform.

What makes my coaching unique?

College Audition Coaching


Step into your biggest role yet ...

Ask anyone about their college years and you're bound to hear more than a few transformation stories. For many, college is the first time you'll live independently, set your own schedule, and have complete control over your life and personal expression.

I believe an undergraduate degree in the performing arts can serve as an important stepping stone not only to a professional career as an actor, but also to a fulfilling, lifelong, artistic practice and a wide variety of other professions. 

Just ask any of the professionals, colleagues and friends I'll introduce you to throughout our work together. Their theatre degrees have led them to stages, pages, classrooms, newsrooms, and boardrooms across the country.


I'll help you select your schools, make to-do lists, fill out applications, perfect your portfolio, and write a dynamite essay!


I'll help you select pieces that showcase your unique talent and build an audition package that is fun to share and perform!


I'll take the guess work out of audition day by giving you the chance to test your pieces on real college and university professionals!


I'll put you at ease by escorting you to your auditions or making sure I'm available for calls, texts, and moral support.

The College Audition Coaching Process

Sylvie Mae Baldwin is a theater and film actress based in Chicago Illinois. She has been seen onstage at South Coast Repertory, Key City Public Theatre, Lexington Children's Theater, and Book It Repertory. Her specialties as a performer include children's theatre, Shakespeare, and devised theatre/new works. Sylvie received her MFA in Acting at Northern Illinois University and her BFA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks Teachers College. As a teacher Sylvie has taught at University of Tampa, The Northwest School, Seattle Children's Theatre, University of Washington Bothell, and Sing With Emily (Naperville). She is a respected audition coach - working with children on auditions for theatre, film, television, and commercials. She also coaches those applying to BFA and MFA programs for acting and musical theatre. Sylvie specializes in teaching movement for actors and has worked with high schoolers, college age students and professionals alike. Sylvie's other interests include actor musicianship (i.e., composition and performance for live theatre) and psychosomatic practices (i.e., yoga and Lucid Body Technique). 

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