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NEWS: Kids' Masterclass with Broadway Star Emerson Mae Chan at Centerstage Youth Theatre

Updated: Apr 22

April 7th 2024


Sometimes you have a crazy idea that becomes a reality! When I learned my former student Emerson Mae Chan (1st National Tour, Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical) would be performing in Tampa, I wondered if she would want to teach her first masterclass.

A class for kids, taught by a kid! What could be more fun?

Emmy and I worked together to build a lesson plan that would be experiential, allow her to share performance tips, and ease her into the role of instructor. The day included a name game, participating in Emmy's "pre-show warm up," learning a Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired dance and a Q&A with Emmy and her amazing mom Lindsay Chan.

Q&A Topics Included:

⭐ Emmy's journey from drama class to Broadway

⭐ A parent's role in their child's acting career

⭐ The Mrs. Doubtfire audition process

⭐ Balancing family and #tourlife

A huge thank you to all the people who made this workshop possible, in particular James Faurote (Artistic Director, Center Stage Youth Theatre).

Sign up for Center Stage Youth Theatre classes here

Follow Emerson Mae Chan here

Kids Masterclass with Broadway Star

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