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Audition Coaching

"Working with Sylvie was an absolute joy! She was so kind and patient with our 7 year old. We first met with Sylvie over zoom for an audition coaching session. Sylvie helped our daughter tackle her first ever self tape with confidence as we navigated entering the industry. After working with Sylvie, our daughter landed her first professional musical theatre role. Thank you Sylvie for your expertise!"

Lindsay Chan (Emmy's Mom)


When a professional theatre called Emmy's parents and requested that she submit an audition ...

They weren't exactly sure how to proceed. This was long before Emmy signed with her agent, had been on set, or booked the super exciting project she's about to announce (go give this rising star a follow on IG). At the recommendation of their singing teacher, we met via Zoom to help prepare her for recording and submitting her first slate and audition tape. 

As a coach it was important for me to meet Emmy and her family "where they were at" and let Emmy's natural instincts lead. Together we went over:

Important differences between an audition and a callback


What auditors are looking for in a child's professional audition


How to project confidence while avoiding hubris


Parental etiquette at in-person and virtual auditions

What to do if you "mess up"

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