I am so happy you’re here! 

My name is Sylvie and my story goes a little something like this...

Sylvie Baldwin

I was born on the west coast - the daughter of two eccentric, ex-hippies and the product of alternative schools where we did crazy sh*t like fly airplanes and turn our classrooms into a tropical rainforest.  

Life was sweet. I ate homemade granola and sang kumbaya at family camp. 

Sylvie Baldwin

Until seventh grade rolled around...

Just before my twelfth birthday I was diagnosed with anorexia.

To make a long recovery story short, my need to escape myself led me to art. Art led me to New York City. New York City led me to yoga. Yoga led me to mindfulness. And mindfulness led me all the way back to a loving relationship with my body, my spirit, and my life! 

Sylvie Baldwin

Although my work today spans many disciplines, genres, and geographic locations, it is united by my commitment to connecting individuals with their bodies, their communities, and the earth

I look forward to connecting with you. And truly, I am humbled you stopped by my little corner of the World Wide Web! 

Infinite love,