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College Audition Coaching

"From our first interaction to our ongoing conversations, Sylvie has been an amazing coach, guiding my daughter with her industry experience and wisdom. Ever professional, but always kind, Sylvie has helped us select appropriate colleges, headshots, monologues, songs, outfits, and more. She has coached us through the self-taping process, responded to every question, produced professionally edited videos, and covered every imaginable detail. She is flexible, responsive, incredibly supportive, and truly the best cheerleader for my daughter and her career goals that I could imagine." – Tiffany (Lucy's Mom)

Lucy Arnold Florida International University College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin




Lucy's total number of ARTISTIC ACCEPTANCES to BFA and BM programs.


Lucy's cumulative SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS at her top four schools.



Ball State University College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Roosevelt University College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin
FIU BFA Musical Theatre College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Northern Illinois University College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Five Towns College College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin
Arcadia University College Audition Coaching with Sylvie Mae Baldwin

Lucy's family approached me the summer before her senior year of high school ... 

Her heart was set on attending a BFA Musical Theatre program. There was only one catch. Despite years of music and dance lessons, Lucy had relatively no experience acting. They were seeking a coach who could not only guide her through the entire application, prescreen and audition process, but also a coach who could help her learn the fundamentals of the craft. 

Lucy instantly wowed me. She distinguished herself as a young artist whose natural talents and interest in the emerging social media landscape asks us to re-imagine what theatre, dance, music, and film will look like in the years to come. 

Working together with her parents and vocal coach, Lucy and I ... 

Explored what it means to be physically, vocally and emotionally "prepared." This process culminated in the creation of a custom warm-up Lucy could use before each rehearsal and audition. 

Identified a list of schools Lucy had interest in applying to. My one rule for Lucy was that each school had to be somewhere she was truly excited about. Applying to BFA programs is grueling and often students feel pressure to "just get in somewhere." Finding a school that's the right fit is far more important.

Created an audition package (i.e., monologues, songs and dance routines) that revealed who Lucy is as a person. Auditioning for a college program is different than attending an open call. Rather than seeing a "character," schools are excited to learn what your material selection reveals about your humanity. 

Conducted three mock auditions with professionals in the industry including Laura Ferri (Professional Director & Fulbright Scholar), Siobhan Reddy-Best (Head of Youth Talent at Stewart Talent) and Zoe Nemetz (Actress & Model).

Recorded and edited her prescreen auditions and video interviews.

Thanked auditors following auditions and followed up with programs to ensure she received the highest possible merit awards.

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